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  • Hackensack NJ private lender closes 1st two loans

Silver Arch Capital Partners launches new 6 ¾% lower rate financing program

HACKENSACK, NJ — Commercial real estate borrowers searching for a fast injection of capital at affordable rates can now take advantage of Silver Arch Capital Partners’ new special loan program for income-producing properties. “Many borrowers are applying for loans in a tight lending environment, so we set out to create a loan program with favorable rates and terms which complements our other programs,” said Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO of Silver Arch Capital Partners. “As a nationwide private lender, we step up when banks and other conventional lenders may not be willing or able, by creating a program to address the unique needs of this sector of the commercial real estate market. “If a property owner is looking to stabilize a property or help expedite lease-up, a loan from Silver Arch Capital can help.” According to Wolfer, the new lending program offers funding from $1 million to $12 million. Rates start at 6 ¾% plus 1 ½ points. Lending opportunities are limited to income-producing properties based in the United States.

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