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  • Vice President Morgan Stanley

Women in Business: Alicja Plonska

Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today?

I grew up overseas where we believed that, in America, money grew on trees and that wealthy American’s don’t pay taxes. I was convinced that there must be truth to those stories so I decided to focus my education on the American economy, business and politics. My end goal was to learn about how the system works and use it to help my clients take full advantage of the American Dream. Hence, soon after receiving my Master’s from Temple University (go Owls) I became a wealth manager, a career that focuses on utilizing credit and investments to optimize generational wealth.

What was the most defining moment for you in the profession you are currently in?

My defining moment was when I became a mother. Wealth management is a generational business, which means that they (or at least one of them) will work with me and eventually inherit the practice when I retire. The image of my clients and my sons exchanging success and appreciation stories long after I am retired, changed the way I looked at what I do. It was no longer just making sure I do the job well, it became a true career.

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