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  • Managing Director Real Property Capital

Women in Business: M. Erin Lavelle

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in?

I began my career in Real Estate as a Real Estate Attorney. I represented Owners/Sponsors as well as Lenders in both regional and national transactions I began working in house in the Title Industry and transitioned into Finance several years ago. I’ve been negotiating loan documents and advising on real estate investment opportunities for years, it has been a very natural progression .

What unique qualities do you feel make you most successful in your profession?

I enjoy listening to people’s stories, really listening. It’s a work in progress, really listening and understanding people. I have a lot of energy and used to think I needed to use that energy to carry the conversation with a client or in a negotiation. Listening actually requires more concentration and focus. I’ve learned to redirect that energy into listening.. at least I’m trying to.

Who do you feel was the most influential person in your life when choosing this profession?

My father. I worked with him early on closing real estate deals for the title company in his law firm while I was still in school. I went on to practice with him after law school for several years before coming to Philadelphia. My Dad is 72 years old, in the office every day in a suit and tie. He will never retire. He enjoys seeing his clients everyday as much as he does helping them.

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