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  • Marcy Gross, Sheldon Gross Realty

Women in Business: Successful property managers are proactive, rather than reactive

Why did you choose the field you are in today?

My father founded Sheldon Gross Realty, and during my childhood I watched him work hard to keep his commercial real estate endeavor growing. I suppose there was something in the genes (like father, like daughter), because I was always interested in what he did. Ultimately, I decided – after an abbreviated stint in healthcare – to join the family business, and soon began focusing on property management. I’m fascinated by the ongoing process not only of maintaining something, but actually making it better over time. And that’s what the very finest property managers do – they consistently assess the buildings in their charge to identify ways to improve them for the benefit both of clients and tenants. How do you manage the work/life balance?

This is a challenge for all professionals who care about growing their business while also maintaining their family life. My strategy has been to work as hard and as efficiently as possible when I’m in the office or with clients, and then give my family my undivided attention when I’m with them. When you’re pulled in multiple directions – and all of them are important to you – it’s essential to be organized and maximize your time-management.

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