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  • By Daniel J. Caldwell, Stout & Caldwell, LLC

Civil Engineering & Land Surveying: Just a few of the frequently asked questions faced everyday

It’s never easy to narrow down a short list of frequently asked questions. That’s why some web site FAQ pages go on and on and on. This holds true in the world of civil engineering and surveying. There are so many yet a few do stand out as realtors and developers are faced with new projects and opportunities. Here are just three… Do I need a Phase I Environmental? The short answer, yes. The more important question is why. In essence, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a matter of protection for those buying and/or developing a property. Proper due diligence is always recommended and important to avoid costly, time-consuming issues further along in the process. Also referred to as a Preliminary Site Assessment or Level One Environmental Site Assessment, this historical and current review of site activities digs deep to identify potential or existing environmental health hazards or liabilities. READ MORE.

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