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  • Conserve Water, Save Cost


Ever increasing water costs and limited supply has moved water sustainability and cost management as a top priority for most organizations. What consumers are unaware of is that they are paying for more water than they use because of inherent water meter inaccuracy. Meters measure the volume passing through them; both water and air. Due to constant fluctuation in the water pressure according to the user’s demands, meters also over-spin resulting in higher readings. This fluctuation then travels through the meter into the city main and results in an increased volume of air in the system. It can also result in turbulence and pressure surges, which lead to further inaccuracy of the meters.

THE SMART VALVE takes well-known principals of pressure and fluid dynamics and applies them in a new and financially rewarding product to resolve all these issues. “We have designed and manufactured the SMART VALVE to eliminate the excessive costs resulting from the inherent shortcomings of meters, significantly reducing end-users water costs,” says Jeff Chalfin, CEO of Flow Dynamics, LLC, the patent holder and manufacturer of the SMART VALVE.

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