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  • Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Looking for a Diversified Mechanical Contractor

Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a diversified Mechanical Contractor performing projects for the private industrial sector and public works sector in NJ and NY. Established in 1972, Liberty Mechanical Contractors primarily serviced local industrial plants in the area with their welding and piping installations. In 1996 Liberty Mechanical purchased a 40 year old fabrication shop to enhance the capacity of our field services. Liberty’s fabrication shop can perform rolling, bending, shearing and punching on most metals including flat stock, pipe and channel. The shop has produced tanks, platforms, ladders, stairs and heating coils for their many customers. In 1999, Liberty Mechanical expanded their services to include major piping projects from 2” to 36” diameter systems. Fortune 500 Corporations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, steel, food and waste to energy began using, Liberty for shutdowns, plant renovations, OSHA compliance projects, equipment installations and plant dismantling. Liberty also expanded their geographical territory to include upstate New York, Long Island and as far South as Cherry Hill, NJ.

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