• By Robert Reeves, Kinsley Construction, Inc.

Mixing Senior Living with Hospitality Design and Construction

What senior living environment would you choose for your loved one: 1. An outdated facility with limited a m e n i t i e s a n d s p a c e which of - ten confines residents to their shared rooms? 2. A state-of-the-art community that encourages residents to lead an active lifestyle and move throughout the building? For the last 25+ years, I’ve watched senior living communities transform as my own grandparents lived in a continuing care community. Through their insight and my experience in construction, I’ve witnessed residents’ needs influence design and construction of senior living communities more and more over the years. A lot of the current and future trends come from a change in the consumer’s expectation. A facility consisting mostly of shared resident rooms was once common for senior living communities – but today, this layout no longer meets the residents’ needs. Instead, we’ve seen senior living spaces become active communities that offer residents the opportunity to pursue an engaging and social lifestyle with onsite amenities. To deliver this new type of space, design and construction teams are blending elements of hospitality, such as:



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