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  • By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group

The Importance of Lifestyle Preferences

As commercial interior designers, we are constantly looking for ways to reach new a u d i e n c e s and deliver t h e W O W f a c t o r i n our interior hospitality and amenity spaces. We carefully follow research on industry trends and buyer behavior. We pay attention to lifestyle preferences, and we visit competitive projects A Richard Gacek to physically experience the spaces. This intelligence helps to guide our design as well as support our recommendations for future projects. This has always been the practice of Gacek Design Group, and no doubt is what differentiates us from other designers. Recently, we’ve recognized some substantial changes. Our client partners are laser focused on this marketing intelligence as a common practice. Exciting news for the marketers and visionaries in the room! In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to provide a cost effective amenity design that offers a gym and a lounge. It’s about being strategic from a marketing perspective; getting into the minds and lives of the consumer to understand how they want to live and what is memorable. It’s about creating an experience that will resonate. It’s about delivering cutting-edge design to a targeted audience. And who do we define as the target audience for multifamily developments?

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