• By Katie Weitzman, Equipment Marketers

Lynnewood Gardens Apartments: Apartment Units ‘With Extras’

At the Lynnewood Gardens Apartments in Elkins Park, PA, better rental living is a way of life and extras come standard. As the largest garden style apartment complex in Pennsylvania, Lynnewood Gardens offers newly renovated apartment units, beautiful playgrounds for children and dogs, free shuttle buses, on call professional service teams, a modern fitness facility, and a state of the art Laundry Center. And of course Equipment Marketers, a laundry equipment company based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey with over 70 years experience in the commercial laundry equipment industry, was called upon early in 2018 to re-equip and design this Laundry Center. The Laundry Center serves 1,800 apartment units so this is not the usual apartment building laundry facility. This is essentially a commercial laundromat being used every day all day long. Equipment Marketers equipped the Laundry Center with 28 brand new commercial stainless steel front-load washers, six 30-pound capacity stainless steel heavy duty washer/extractors, and sixteen 30-pound capacity large stainless steel stack dryers.



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