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  • The awards acknowledge the tenure and achievements

Kimmerle Group recognizes three women with honorary awards

NEW YORK, NY — Cindy Cui, Penny Starace, and Meghan Barlotta of Kimmerle Group (KG), a Harding-based multifaceted architectural/design organization, have been recognized for their tenure and performance at the honorary awards breakfast on October 19th. The award ceremony acknowledged these individuals for their outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving the success of the firm. “Cindy, Penny, and Meghan have been instrumental in the growth of Kimmerle and have helped to strengthen the services of our company and the relationships with our partners,” said George Kimmerle, founder and president. “All three of these women have dedicated so much of their time and efforts to continually improving Kimmerle Group and could not be more deserving of this recognition.”

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