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  • By Lisa Cassidy, ecoImagine

How to achieve amazing things five seconds at a time

It’s late December. Most of us are ecstatic about this week long “escape” we are given once a year to “check out” for a while, be with family and catch up on miscellaneous to dos. It’s also the last week of the year. As a result, we often spend at least some of our free time reflecting on the past 12 months and thinking about changes we want to make in the coming year - as daunting as they may seem. I recently began reading a book titled, “The Five Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. In this international best seller, Mel focuses intensely on the many moments, or opportunities, we come across each day that have the potential to change our career, our business – even our relationships. She states that the main obstacle to positive new behaviors and actions is literally, INACTION. In 5 seconds, we have the power to act and make progress towards a goal, or not act. Whether we choose to “do nothing” or maintain the status quo, we ultimately sabotage our plans for positive change.

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