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  • By Tracey Raimo, HF Planners, LLC

Storage in the age of agile work spaces

The debate is on. Open, Activity-Based work environments or traditional office spaces? Any online search will land you passionate arguments from both sides of the aisle. Like it or not, we are in a time of change and activity-based plans are gaining traction for several reasons including increased productivity and collaboration, overall employee wellness and lower real estate costs. As the definition of office space and design evolves, so do our definitions of storage and the solutions available. What requirements a company has in this area is an integral part of the discussion. As activity-based plans (ABP) become more prevalent, the need for on-site records management is waning. Digital information allows employees to securely access files from anywhere which means less in-house storage. New protocols for document retention is emerging as an increasing number of companies are converting hard files to digital and employing electronic records management systems including multi-cloud and flash storage. Some are opting for off-site storage spaces for legacy paper archives. Less space dedicated to storage allows for a denser employee population and therefore lower real estate costs.

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