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Multifamily Design Beyond The Finish Line: The amenities race is over, so what’s next?

In the multifamily industry, amenities have been on the forefront of design as the preeminent feature to transform the apartment from traditional temporary housing to luxury living complexes. These luxury communities are proving to be both desirable destinations for renters and profitable projects for developers; and so, with reports that the multifamily market is projected to continue to grow into 2019, it begs the question: what’s next? With amenities having made their mark on the design, appeal, and usability of multifamily communities, the designers at Bernardon are no longer thinking about what amenities can still be added, but instead, how they can be improved. And, perhaps it’s not so much what additional rooms, services, or activities can be added, but it’s what’s already there that is the key to the future of multifamily design: the space and its relationship to its location and the end-user.

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