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  • By Derek Weissman, Procida Funding & Advisors

Where to find Opportunities at the end of the cycle

As most know, we are currently in one of the longest economic expansions in history. In 2019, we expect to see capital continue to chase deals, making pricing more competitive for the good deals. I see a lot of the money entering the market looking for a very similar product multifamily cash flowing. In response to much of the capital markets chasing those deals, Procida Funding is focused on deals which seem to be forgotten. Going into 2019, we are looking for owner-occupied investments and market-rate housing outside of major cities. We keep a close eye on building permits and our research has found that although building permit approvals continue to rise, primarily these permits are within 15 miles of major cities, if not in the confines of the given city. Given this phenomena, we see an opportunity to enter the underserved markets which are not in cities and are in an affordable price point for entry level buyers.

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