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Coach’s Corner: Top 3 ways to elevate your CRE career in 2019

1. Hit the road. Commercial real estate is a tangible asset class. While technology has enabled us to do our jobs better there is no substitute for being at properties in person. No matter your role in commercial real estate you learn more, have a greater understanding of markets, and most importantly are inspired with new ideas when you are in the field. 2. Connect with people outside of your discipline. There are voluminous amounts of disciplines in commercial real estate. The more you can connect the dots and understand how all the pieces fit together the more valuable you are and the better you can do your job. From salespeople, to lenders, to title folks, to engineers, to environmental experts there are a significant amount of sectors that touch commercial real estate. Once a month go to lunch with people in different disciplines to find out what is going on in their world.

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