• By Brenner Green, Real Property Capital, Inc.

The rare instance in CRE lending when things make sense

It’s easy to be negative and skeptical in this business. We live in a world where action and outcome are often driven by a response to Federal and International financial regulation. This construct sometimes causes deals to die or at least to be altered outside of what would be the most efficient structure for borrower and lender, and sometimes in the worst case, these structures do not adhere to the laws of common sense. So, when I encounter something that makes a lot of sense and provides real flexibility, I take note of it. Recently we closed a CMBS loan for a hotel in a major leisure market in the U.S. During the time period in which we were closing the loan, due to both a September 2017 one-time booking surge as a result of Hurricane Irma and a fall 2018 tech glitch with Expedia, the hotel’s revenue was down on a year-end basis. This revenue decrease resulted in the property’s cash flow no longer complying with the original underwriting requirements in the loan application.



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