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  • By Lee Wasserman, LEW Corporation

New York City Mold Local Law 55 Now Enforced!

NYC Local Law of 2018, A.K.A. NYC Indoor Asthma Allergen Hazards in Residential Dwellings and Pest Management is now live and enforced!!! The law requires additional time and education, with more responsibilities and certifications, some of which are not so easy to consistently manage. We first introduced this last year, when the bill became law. I now think it’s critical to review some of the key highlights and challenges to be faced when complying. Just to be clear, this law, applies to ALL multiple-dwelling property owners who are now going to be responsible for investigating and remediating indoor allergen hazards like mold, mice and rats, and cockroaches in multiple dwellings, (Exemptions may apply to NYCHA and Coops & Condos). In this article, we’re going to focus on some of the new law’s requirements and challenges. What makes this law’s compliance challenging is that NYC is asking us to manage Mother Nature. It‘s hard to beat nature, but it is possible to handle one of its occurrences: indoor mold (another bad, four-letter word). The new law requires protection against indoor asthma & pest management. This discussion is going to concentrate on the mold component, not the pest management.

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