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Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation wraps up 2018 & 60 years

In 2018 Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) celebrated its 60th anniversary —six decades of driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and City of Philadelphia came together 60 years ago to found PIDC. Since then, PIDC has worked with a diverse range of over 4,000 clients in which we have settled over 7,150 transactions, including more than $16 billion of financing and more than 3,200 acres of land sales. To mark 60 wonderful years in business, we celebrated throughout 2018 in a major way. We launched our celebration in February with our founding partners at the Chamber’s Annual Mayoral Luncheon at which we premiered our 60th anniversary video. Later that month we launched “60 Stories” — a compilation of client stories released throughout the year, in which we explored the stories of 60 different clients, their growth, and their connection to PIDC. If you missed any of our 60 Stories, be sure to catch up on our blog.

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