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  • By Alan Fruitman,

The NNN Triple Net Property Book

You will experience tremendous enjoyment owning NNN property and benefit greatly by reading The NNN Triple Net Property Book if your goal is to receive passive income (no property management or vacancy) from your real estate investments. However, if managing your apartment building is still enjoyable (having year-to-year leases and fixing roofs, plumbing and toilets), reading The NNN Triple Net Property Book would be a waste of your time. There is a reason both vanilla & chocolate ice cream are top sellers. Even though people consider vanilla to be plain and perhaps boring, they still enjoy it. Assuming this analogy is true, comparing a single-tenant NNN property to vanilla ice cream would be reasonable. For example, when you take a bite of vanilla ice cream, you know it will taste good, even predictable. When you own a NNN property, your monthly income stream will be quite good; it will also be 100% predictable.

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