• By Alexander D. Knight, MAI, AI-GRS

Statewide real property reassessment may be in Delaware’s future!

The ACLU of Delaware, on behalf of Delawareans for Educational Opportunity and the Delaware NAACP, filed suit against Governor Carney, Education Secretary Bunting, and State Treasurer Simpler, as well as tax collectors from each of the three counties. The basis for the lawsuit is that low-income and non-white students experience meaningful disparities in resource allocation sufficient that affects the adequacy of their education. According to the Delaware ACLU, “instead of focusing on how we should fund schools” the focus is “on what high-poverty schools require to successfully educate and prepare all students for successful lives and careers.” Educational resources and their allocation are determined by the current assessment system in the state. The ACLU of Delaware summarizes the issue: “There are also fewer resources available to schools because of the failure to reassess property values for more than 30 years. The failure … means that the underlying school tax base has remained flat for decades while the cost of running schools has risen substantially due to inflation and increased enrollment.”




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