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Good interior design is the best way to create a great corporate office environment

Everyone prefers to arrive at work with energy and motivation, but sometimes the thought of spending the entire day trapped in an un-inspiring building or cramped cubicle injects dread into the daily commute and poison into the corporate culture. In an age when attracting and retaining top talent is at an all-time premium, excellence in office design should also be held in high priority. A recent Forbes survey found that 73% of respondents said that their work area and office facilities directly influenced their job satisfaction. While hiring experienced employees with great attitudes remains fundamental for building a successful company, many managers cite the need to facilitate and motivate the workforce by having systems in place to enable the employees’ success. This includes intentionally designing offices to facilitate workflow, collaboration, productivity, and ultimately employee happiness. Despite the acknowledged value for office design, many companies fail to adequately evaluate, and periodically re-evaluate, their companies changing product mix, workflow, and workforce preferences. Below is a list of considerations to maximize your workplace to achieve the three goals of a great office: impress clients, inspire employees and create all-around functionality.

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