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  • By Doug Haines, Haines Security Solutions, LLC

My neighbor was robbed – Four tips to follow so it doesn’t happen again

My neighbor is a widow. Her husband passed away a few years ago and now her son, who works during the day, lives with her. A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of the day, while she was in the shower someone opened her front door and robbed her house. They took the flat screen from the living room, her purse with all her credits cards and personal documents. Thank goodness they didn’t bother her. I’m pretty sure they could hear that she was in the shower. Once out of the shower and noticing her TV was missing, she called the cops. They responded, looked for signs of forced entry, interviewed her and canvassed the neighborhood looking for anyone having a surveillance system. Fortunately several of us on our street were able to provide this footage to the cops. Based on her description of a window cleaning crew that had cleaned her windows the week before and the surveillance videos we have a pretty good idea who was behind the robbery.

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