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  • By Eric Kuhn, Pillar Real Estate Advisors

Mid size cold storage and “Last Mile” needs create high demand for facilities

With its sights set on world domination, the Amazonian distribution machine continues onward with “same day” delivery and an ever-increasing arsenal of offerings featuring perishable product lines which will have climbed to a larger percentage of overall sales in the time it takes to read this paragraph. This is just one of the Jenga pieces which sets the stage for a true uptick in demand for cold storage and distribution facilities. Reports from both the Dairy and Meat production sectors show a surplus of product. The 2018 reports from the USDA and US department of Agriculture are showing 2.5 BILLION pounds of meat and 1.39 BILLION pounds of cheese in storage. Even by Philadelphia standards, that’s a lot of cheesesteak on standby.

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