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SUMMER IS HERE Let’s Think Safety Outside

With the Fourth of July upon us, the time has come to get outside enjoy the flowers, play some baseball, golf, or your favorite sport or maybe just indulge on some barbeque all while taking advantage of the nice weather and all of that natural light. Lighting is a dominant factor in the brain’s ability to focus. Natural light helps improve behavior, create less anxiety and stress, and improves overall health. Lighting has its affects on blood pressure, pulse, respiration rates, brain activity, and a myriad of other physical brain and health issues. Today we enjoy more options in lighting than ever before. We use lighting to accomplish many functions. Landscape lighting for instance is used for safety around the property, to enhance beautification of the property helping to increase the property’s value, lets not forget the addition of curb appeal and security. A lot of outdoor space would be wasted if it couldn’t be used after sunset, adding outdoor lighting helps rejuvenates that unused space into a space which can be used for evening activities while extending the outdoor season into the fall.

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