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  • By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group

Biophilic Design: Reconnecting people with their natural environment

In today’s society where housing is dense, urban living is prevalent, and tech advances keep us plugged in 24/7, we spend less and less time away from the great outdoors. In fact, 90% of our time is spent inside a building or a vehicle. As human beings we have an innate need to connect with nature and living things, and when we are separated from it, our health and wellbeing is effected in a negative way. Enter Biophilic Design. Biophilic design is a sustainable, architectural interiors solution that reconnects people with their natural environment. Research shows when natural elements are integrated into interior spaces, (and inspirational, mindful places are designed), the result gives us live and work environments that are productive, welcoming, healthy, and less stressful.

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