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  • By Zach Rich, Silvi Group Companies

Concrete parking lots in the Northeast?

Ready mix concrete and the manner in which it is placed and used is evolving at a rapid pace. Technology, expertise, and the desire for property owners down to the contractors and suppliers to raise the bar is driving everyone to build projects to higher tolerances at competitive rates and on schedule. Automation is having a huge impact across the board as it drives down labor costs and increases productivity. Automation in concrete parking lot construction here in the northeast is one of those trends I’ve seen take shape over the last few years. If you travel around to different regions of our great country, you’ll find that a lot of parking lot construction utilizes concrete as opposed to asphalt. In markets such as the southeast, southwest and midwest this phenomena cuts across all types of uses such as residential, retail, public, hospitality, commercial, industrial, etc. Everything. I don’t think anyone disputes that concrete has more to offer when compared apples to apples to its counterpart asphalt.

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