• By Doug Haines, Haines Security Solutions

Architects and Engineers are the Key to Security’s Success

Over the past few years tremendous strides have been made in architecture and engineering. High occupancy spaces are genuinely beautiful and engineered to perfection. Take for example the recently completed project at Hudson Yards, in New York City. The architects really had their creative juices flowing and the engineers matched them. That said, most other buildings are designed for aesthetics and functionality and not so much for a variety of threats, especially those that are man-made. There are plenty of regulations that address fire and earthquakes but rarely are their construction codes for incorporating security measures for the myriad of other threats. That can change. By bringing architects, engineers, planners, facility managers and security professionals together at the beginning of the design process the building design including the surrounding area can actually be used to deter criminal activity and reduce the effects of catastrophic events; such as, high winds or terrorist attack.



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