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EWMA SECUR-IT guaranteed fixed-price remediation

PARSIPPANY, NJ — As real estate costs in the tri-state area continue to rise, owners and developers are continually searching for ways to better handle a price tag that can quickly run over budget, particularly when it comes to environmental cleanups. Those looking for a way to address their property’s environmental cleanup needs with peace of mind in their expenses can turn to SECUR-IT, a fixed-price remediation program managed by EWMA, an environmental consulting and remediation firm. "Time and cost are the two most important metrics in real estate development," said Donald Richardson, CPG, president, EWMA. "Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of environmental cleanups can mean that both factors can be overrun in the blink of an eye. That's why we created SECUR-IT, so developers are provided assurance that their property's environmental cleanup will go as planned, on time and on budget." Historically, environmental remediation is a costly process that can be difficult to control, leading to budget overruns and lengthy, uncertain project timelines. Through the SECUR-IT program, the scope and cost of cleanup are predetermined before work begins. Moreover, SECUR-IT offers guaranteed fixed project scopes with a predetermined length of remediation, enabling more accurate estimates of return on investment. EWMA’s 20-year program is unique in the industry with the level of project controls it provides to its clients.



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