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"Believe It or Not" … Energy efficiency solutions can save your business money

We all know and love Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Atlantic City – the popular destination featuring 400 mind-boggling exhibits and artifacts and 14 themed galleries. While the prime boardwalk location is a plus for visitors, the salty, ocean air is tough on HVAC equipment. “Our HVAC units take a beating from the salty, ocean air and typically need to be replaced every 5-7 years,” says Chris Connelly, manager of Ripley’s. “It got to the point where the units were no longer serviceable and had to replaced.” Chris turned to Hutchinson, a participating contractor for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) Direct Install, to address HVAC and lighting needs for the 12,000 sq. foot building. The program covers up to 70 percent of energy efficiency upgrades. Hutchinson installed three energy efficiency HVAC units and converted all interior lighting – from incandescent and fluorescent – to energy efficient LED. “Our building has thousands of interior lightbulbs and a couple dozen need to be replaced every day. LED is a cost effective solution - the lighting lasts longer and we’ll save on utility bills and manpower from not having to swap out the bulbs.”

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