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  • By Jamie Gutkin, HF Planners, LLC

Managing expectations in the modern world of communication

Expectations can be defined by a strong belief that someone will or should achieve something. A primary function of a facility manager’s job is to manage the expectations for the end user, employees and working team and to ensure that a great achievement is made. The expectation for this great achievement could be a final new design for a facility. However, as a facility manager or consumer, how do you align your expectations with the other? With so many forms of communication like email, or phone or text, many ideas or messages can be lost in translation. Not to mention many forms of social media, prospective clients are only seeing over-achieving work, perhaps way out of the scope and budget. The modern world of communication often consists of instant gratification, but in the design and construction world, progress takes time! All of these headaches that align with the problems in the modern world of communication can be solved by appropriately managing expectations.

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