• By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply

The Power of Authenticity

The Power of Authenticity is Eaton’s “I didn’t know” anti-counterfeiting campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers of using counterfeit parts throughout the electrical industry. The key points of the campaign include a better understanding of the problem and teaching its distributors and the end user how to recognize suspect products and how they can help protect the public by selling only genuine products. Low cost breaker alternatives are fraught with danger. Products purchased from unauthorized on-line resellers and unauthorized dealers may initially appear to be a great value, but the unknown origin and condition of these products could be costly. Many of these products are advertised as “new” but this cannot always be confirmed. Often the so called “new” product is actually surplus, used, altered, tampered with and even counterfeit leading to dangerous life threating installations. Understand your risk; in today’s business environment many contractors feel the need to find lower cost alternatives to that of genuine products. Their pursuit of alternatives can cost you big time in property damage, loss of life and legal expenses. “I didn’t know” doesn’t absolve you of the risk.



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