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  • By Enrique Gomez. Commercial Mortgage Depot.

30-Year Fixed Rate Loans: The Non-Bank Opportunity for Originators

Experienced commercial mortgage originators know that one of the keys to business growth is to keep adjusting one’s product offering to meet current borrower needs and expectations. In the past, a mortgage professional may have adopted reduced documentation or stated income solutions to help prospective borrowers who fail to meet bank tax return requirements. However, originators and their lending partners have historically offered few options for a commercial loan’s term – mostly in the 5, 7, or 10-year range. In this way, mortgage pros have not been able to provide much of an alternative for those prospective borrowers considering bank financing. Thankfully, all that is changing in today’s market. More alternative lenders are further distancing themselves from traditional banks by enhancing their commercial guidelines with new 30-year fixed rate lending solutions. These loans operate much like the typical residential mortgage investors and business owners are used to.

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