• By Brad Lownsbury, AKF

2020 Trends and Predictions

Every new year presents an opportunity to reflect on successes, establish fresh goals, and anticipate the future. Technology is evolving, sustainability is growing, and as AKF enters a new decade, we believe there’s never been a greater opportunity for Engineering Leadership to have a positive and lasting impact on the built environment. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we expect to see in 2020: Owners, developers and managers will continue to recognize the environmental and economic value of sustainability efforts. Launched on Earth Day 2019, New York City’s ambitious “80x50” campaign to retrofit existing buildings and curb city carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050 will serve as the model for other urban centers in 2020. Washington, DC plans to introduce similar regulations this year, with others likely to follow suit. As we enter this new era of sustainability, it is incumbent upon all of us in the AEC community to facilitate guiding principles and lead our clients through these uncharted waters.



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