• By Chuck Hurchalla, Evolution Energy Partners

Energy Efficiency - 5 Things to Drive Sustainable Operation and Save Money

In 2016, Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) saw true value in defining energy usage reductions for our customers and driving net impact to the bottom line through energy efficiency. By doing so, EEP became a full-scale energy management firm offering an end-to-end suite of solutions for our customers that define carbon footprint reduction and positive impact to operating expense. If your organization is interested in driving impact through energy efficiency, here are five key things you should consider before getting started. 1. Energy efficiency is driven by legislation – Nine major metropolitan cities have implemented legislation that requires energy efficiency upgrades to combat greenhouse gas emissions. These are: Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Reno, Salt Lake City, San Jose and Washington DC. New York has become a sustainability leader, passing the Climate Mobilization Act, one of most aggressive emission regulations in history. The Climate Mobilization Act is a package of bills, with requirements for building owners and operators of properties larger than 25,000 s/f. Efficiency upgrades will require action by 2025 and additional requirements by 2030. Building operation will be required to decrease energy usage through efficiency, purchased green energy, and/or purchased offset credits.



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