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  • Firm emerges as multifamily investment sales

Gebroe-Hammer Associates marks 45th Anniversary

LIVINGSTON, NJ — It all began with a shared mindset among two commercial real estate industry icons – the late Mel Gebroe and Morris Hammer. In the mid-1970s they were inspired to turn their vision into reality by establishing a unique investment brokerage firm where their strongly held principles for life and business – integrity, hard work, expertise – would stand the test of time. For the last 45 years, Gebroe-Hammer Associates has done just that by continually growing its presence and dominance within the multi-family investment brokerage industry. “While Gebroe-Hammer initially emerged as a boutique investment brokerage firm for a specific niche market, we have since evolved to become the tri-state area’s multifamily investment sales leader and firm of choice,” said Ken Uranowitz, Gebroe-Hammer’s president who was hired by Mr. Hammer at the firm’s inception. “Thanks to our monthly, quarterly, annual and year-over-year transaction benchmarks, we consistently outpace a competitive set of larger institutional brokerage firms – many of which have been born of mergers, acquisitions and absorptions – in the multifamily sales sector.”

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