• By Lauren Speidel, Exeter 1031 Exchange Services

Unraveling the Mystery of 1031 Exchanges: Property Holding Periods

Have you received conflicting answers to the same question from different 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediaries? You are not alone. There are too many technical and complicated gray areas in the 1031 Exchange industry. Tax codes, regulations and rulings leave many questions unanswered or unclear. These gray areas result is different interpretations, confusing opinions or misleading information. We will explain these differences through an article series entitled Unraveling the Mystery of 1031 Exchanges. Property Purchased Just Prior to 1031 Exchange The IRS has routinely said if you purchased the relinquished property just prior to a sale and 1031 Exchange you are holding the property for sale rather than investment. The IRS has also said if the replacement property is sold immediately after your 1031 Exchange transaction it was not held for sufficient time to qualify for 1031 Exchange treatment.


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