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  • By Marc Hudock, LSRP, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

GZA’s supervised and validated cleaning service addresses emergent client needs

As GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA) reached out to our clients in the past few weeks, we realized that they were struggling with the uncertainty of the condition and cleanliness of their facilities relative to the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners and facility managers are concerned about the safety of their staff and the larger community who enter or re-enter facilities – not to mention maintaining business continuity during the pandemic. One of the key challenges that owners are wrestling with is in regard to cleaning – and the fact that there is currently no practical lab-based testing to assure that a facility is COVID-free. In the absence of a regulatory standard, certification, or verification method, what can owners do to ascertain if cleaning was done properly or even at all? We’ve responded by providing documented and validated cleaning. The cleaning approach is customized to meet your company’s needs. It typically encompasses regularly used surfaces, shared equipment, common areas and thoroughfares, and other areas depending on your facility and operations. READ MORE

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