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  • By Brenner Green, Real Property Capital, Inc.

The Current Commercial Mortgage Market (there still is one, sort of)

The CRE finance market is experiencing a big similarity to 2008 in the sense that this whole situation, although caused by completely different events, basically boils down to a great big liquidity test, right down the chain from the banks to the borrowers to the tenants and the guys like us who make a living bringing borrowers and lenders, or buyers and sellers if you are the sales side, together. Outcomes are going to be varied and wildly unpredictable based on asset class, lender type and a whole bunch of other factors that we haven’t even thought of yet. It seems inevitable now that some people are going to go out of business. That’s where the similarities to 2008 end. The industry has enjoyed an unprecedented run in modern times, leverage has largely been suppressed from reaching 2006 levels and borrower balance sheet requirements to qualify for a loan are more stringent as well. READ MORE

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