• By Rob Holdsworth, Evolution Energy Partners

Moving Forward: Finding Opportunity in Today's "New" Energy Market

With over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, the team at Evolution Energy Partners has seen their share of market ups and downs. The uncertainty of today’s world is forcing businesses to adapt and reposition themselves so that they can make it through these challenging times. History has shown us that the energy industry responds greatly to fluctuations in the financial markets. With the stock market in distress and international relations on high alert, the price of energy has hit rock bottom. In mid-March, energy prices hit a 20-year low, a result of historically warm winter months and COVID-19 reducing both commercial and industrial demand for energy products. Experts have expressed concern that the current downturn could be disastrous to the industry, leaving the market forever changed. Finding the opportunityWith so many unknowns, let’s not lose sight of opportunity. Finding savings is critical, especially for organizations that have felt the financial impact of COVID-19. With current energy prices at extreme lows, now is the time to lock in long-term contracts or renegotiate existing contracts. Our procurement team is seeing 20% savings on electric and 18% savings on natural gas for clients that are leveraging today’s market. READ MORE

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