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Middlesex Community College celebrates modular construction anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary for the modular construction industries’ most monumental project of its’ time. Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA was the first and since only college campus to be built entirely with steel frame factory constructed modular building sections. The project consisted of 260 six sided volumetric modules forming 156,000 s/f of two and three-story structures which comprised the campus. Some of the innovations that were incorporated during construction of the modular sections at the factory was the use of full four-inch brick exteriors installed onto a structural frame using wide flange 14”perimeter “I” beams with a 4” reinforced concrete sub-floor.Each of the modular sections weighed over a 100,000 pounds and required special transporters in order that the building sections could be to delivered the 250 miles to the project site without damaging them.

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