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Design Trends for Today’s Interior

The year 2020 has blurred the lines of our home and work environments. How we function at home takes on a new meaning and the open floor plan that we have grown to enjoy may not be the most functional in today’s environment. The time spent at home has given us the opportunity to evaluate our current interior spaces and adapt them based on new needs. Here are some thoughts and design trends that are coming to the forefront. Health & Wellness. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of health and wellness to all generations. Living a healthy lifestyle is a key priority, promoting a longer life, productivity, and social engagement. Designers have embraced the concept of Biophilic Design, (improve the human connection with nature), something we all need in order to survive. Research has illustrated the positive results of natural elements into interiors, like natural light and fresh air with larger windows, and better planning for indoor and outdoor living. Beyond natural elements is a focus on Healthy Materials & Devices. Indoor air quality monitoring, viral-resistant surfaces, health monitoring systems, and the use of UV lights for disinfecting are becoming more popular.

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