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Amplifying workplace janitorial services during a pandemic

Housecleaning and janitorial services during the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on a new meaning. The busy workday barely leaves enough time for an employee to finish their normal workload. By adding an additional task of maintaining their space to ensure their health and wellbeing may result in decreased productivity. The most optimal solution to providing maximized productivity and safety during these unprecedented times is to seek a team of advisors to help manage the housecleaning and janitorial maintenance in the workplace. These specialists should include the Facility Manager, Facility Planner and Janitorial Team.

A powerhouse team of these experts can help prepare an efficient and clean workplace in three stages. Various stages ensure optimized janitorial and housecleaning services which include: Renovation, Enhancement, and Maintenance. Renovations cater to the design process. Enhancements include additional, minimal installation of products. Maintenance ensures the systems in the building function correctly both physically and strategically.

When starting the Renovation stage, the facility manager will pair with the facility planner to best understand the building’s needs and how the occupants interact within the space in accordance with housecleaning and janitorial essentials. Whether it is a new space or changes to an existing space, the facilities team would help outline the requirements to determine the layout and assist in the specification of products. A facility planner plays an integral role during this stage to identify housecleaning and janitorial requirements. Selection of anti-microbial materials, specifying hands-free products ranging from faucets to door hardware as well as identifying opportunities to help employee’s social distance such as demarcating flooring would all be chosen by the Facility Planner. This aids the cleaning teams to identify which areas are more frequented and require more sanitizing. Initiatives such as access control garbage and recycling programs would be established and implemented by the facilities team as well. A strategically planned space improves employee workflow and allows housecleaning and janitorial teams to promptly and effectively complete their job without interruption. Other technologies, such as UV lighting can play an important role in keeping the office clean by working in conjunction with easily cleanable surfaces to eliminate germs and transmittable bacteria within the workplace. This incorporates another housecleaning method to protect employees and improve janitorial services.


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