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As the construction industry again hits “Play,” the time is right for change

Entering 2020, no one could have anticipated the events that overturned tried and true operational approaches across all industries – and among companies from large to small. The construction sector is no exception, with many projects grinding to a halt as spring arrived, and operational teams shifting from centralized offices to remote workspaces. Yet the world on “pause” created an opportune moment to assess key business tools and protocols – including weaknesses that had already been impacting profitability and competitive advantage. And as things begin to move toward a new (albeit redefined) equilibrium, many companies are positioned to embrace strategic change and new best practices for moving forward. Consider technology. Today’s construction space is highly mobile, with much of an organization’s day-to-day operations taking place at the job site. Project data is being generated in the field. The ability to access real-time updates and make timely informed decisions have become necessities both in the office and at the build site. As such, using office-centric equipment (think desktops and PCs) as the main tools to record and store data has become inherently inefficient.


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