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Bergman Real Estate Group enjoys long history of second generation of success in New Jersey

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — What started as a one-off purchase in Houston, Texas 33-years ago, Bergman Real Estate Group has grown into a 32-employee-strong firm with over 1.9 million s/f and 16 suburban office properties throughout the Garden State.

This year marks thirty-three years since Jerome Bergman bought that first property, as he and his sons, Michael and Steven, worked tirelessly to grow the family-owned and managed real estate business into the full-service firm it is today.

“An incredible amount has changed in real estate since we started our company,” said Michael Bergman, CEO and president of Bergman Real Estate Group. “We’ve experienced the highs of the late ‘90s through the mid- 2000s, the lows of the 2008 recession, and the steady growth since, and now a pandemic. We continue to evolve and adapt and have come out stronger and more experienced for it.”

To date, the firm has successfully bought and sold commercial properties with a combined market value in excess of $600 million. The firm has created several key strategic partnerships as well as establishing strong relationships with local lenders, mortgage brokers, investment sales and leasing brokers and professional service providers.

Bergman adheres to a disciplined core investment philosophy focused on conservative underwriting, conducting thorough due diligence; and aggressively implementing specific leasing and management strategies.“We have a unique approach in that we involve our investor partners and lenders early on in the process,” Michael Bergman said. “This assures a smooth, quick transaction later down the line.”


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