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Beyond YouTube: CRE TV

By Nick Minoia, Diversified Properties and  PJ Argen is CRE TV

Montville, NJ - CRE TV — In the dynamic landscape of online video content, businesses are constantly seeking effective ways to showcase their services. While YouTube is the most popular platform, it may not be the optimal choice when it comes to embedding video content on your website. In this article, we’ll explore these and other limitations of YouTube, and why a third-party CRE TV news report featuring YOU with a dedicated video platform like the CRE TV News Network might be a more powerful and credible option for commercial real estate professionals in 2024.

YouTube Limitations:

YouTube, undoubtedly a giant in the video-sharing sphere, presents certain drawbacks for businesses embedding content on their websites. One major concern is the lack of control over suggested videos that may appear after yours. These “promoted” suggestions might lead viewers away from your site, diluting your intended message and potentially directing them to competitor content.

Moreover, YouTube may introduce ads before or during your video, creating a distraction and diminishing the professional image you seek to portray. Additionally, the platform’s algorithmic nature may not always prioritize your content in search results, making it challenging to stand out amidst the vast sea of videos.

Third-Party Reporter vs. Self-Promotion:

Imagine if you could turn every press release into a TV News story? A TV segment produced by a third-party reporter holds inherent credibility and authenticity. When an independent reporter covers your company or professional service, it implies and delivers a level of objectivity and validation that self-produced videos often lack. Third-party endorsements foster trust and confidence among your audience, making it a more powerful tool for reputation management.

Conversely, creating a video in the first person, solely for self-promotion, can come across as self-serving and lack the credibility associated with unbiased reporting. Viewers may be skeptical of overly promotional content, potentially undermining the impact of the message.

Enter CRE TV:

Got a CRE Podcast or a CRE News Story to Share? Here’s a better Distribution Channel… Guaranteed...

Commercial real estate professionals in 2024 should consider the unique advantages offered by CRE TV, all of which are free to those who qualify and actively participate in the CRE TV Network through Channel Ownership. Unlike YouTube, CRE TV is dedicated to producing valid news and information with an implied third-party endorsement about your company or services and includes your channel in the network that automatically reaches the targeted audience that you need to reach. There is no extra cost for distribution as a CRE TV Affiliate Channel Owner.

One notable feature is the utilization of Diversified Digital Network TV’s technology. This technology allows each participant and guest expert to own their CRE TV affiliate channel, providing a controlled and professional environment for showcasing content. This affiliate channel can be seamlessly embedded on your website, ensuring a cohesive user experience for visitors. The technology can actually turn your web home page into a media site, which delivers a higher domain authority.

Unlike YouTube, CRE TV offers full distribution into the CRE TV network. This expanded reach ensures that your content is not only featured on your website, but also accessible to a broader audience within the CRE TV network. This increased exposure can significantly amplify the impact of your message.

CRE Professionals Embrace CRE TV

Nick Minoia, a prominent developer in New Jersey, not only “airs” CRE TV on his homepage (at but he recognized the immense value of this long-needed technology platform for all Commercial Real Estate Professionals. In 2022 Minoia co-founded Diversified Digital Network TV, LLC and has made the technology and platform available for all businesses, journals, and associations to exploit the advantages of true media ownership. CRE Professional Trades simply make application and a yearly payment of a small channel licensing fee of $1,699 to actively participate. The CRE TV Channel technology is currently available for purchase through the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal by calling Lea Christman at 781-740-2900.

Businesses, Journals, PR firms, and associations may apply to become a channel reseller by calling Paul Argen at 973-632-1906.

In conclusion, while YouTube remains a widely used platform, its limitations in control, suggested content and advertising make it less appealing for businesses seeking a professional and credible image. Commercial real estate professionals in 2024 should explore the benefits of CRE TV, leveraging its third-party endorsement, Diversified Digital Network TV technology, and extended distribution network to enhance their online presence and reputation. Investing in CRE TV ensures that your video content becomes a strategic asset, reflecting positively on your brand within the competitive commercial real estate landscape.

Nick Minoia is the founder of Diversified Properties. PJ Argen is CRE TV news and technology editor.


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