CenterPoint demonstrates ESG commitment with closing of Inaugural Green Bond Issuance

OAK BROOK, IL — CenterPoint Properties announced the closing of its inaugural green bond issuance pursuant to the private placement of $250 million of long-term, fixed-rate notes (the “green bonds”).

The green bonds demonstrate the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitment. CenterPoint has a long-standing commitment to sustainability ingrained in its operations. Company leaders believe properly managed real estate can help protect the environment, revitalize local economies and improve the lives of workers. As a result, CenterPoint continually works to incorporate sustainability features into its core business.

“CenterPoint’s executive leadership team strongly believes this inaugural green bond issuance will greatly help us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the environment,” said chief financial officer Chris Papa. Vice president of ESG & Corporate Affairs, Elena Daniel, added: “At CenterPoint, we believe industrial real estate presents an opportunity and responsibility to make our world greener and a better place for future generations.”

CenterPoint strives to find smart logistics solutions to cut carbon emissions, develop energy-efficient buildings that save resources and ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials to make tenants, communities and local environments safer. Sustainability is grounded in the company’s operations to help tenants preserve resources for years to come.


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