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Change management skillset required during a pandemic

The current pandemic has forced us to shift gears by implementing working from home (WFH) policies, managing remote workers, along with hiring and firing protocols. Regardless of the situation that is presented, there are 4 key components to change management that should be followed:

1. Leading strategic change

2. Leading organizational change

3. Negotiation skills

4. Leading for creativity and innovation

Let us look closer at each of these components to help business leaders design a way forward. Leading strategic change – the pandemic required us to modify how a company interacts with its employees and customers. While unveiling holes in procedures along with providing opportunities to improve. In the days and months since the pandemic changed our world, it also pushed organizations to make strategic decisions on closing business units earlier than anticipated, moving in or out of a specific market, and preparing themselves for what the desired state could be. The need to identify areas of resistance and adjustment are key to the success of a company.


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