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Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority announces new mixed-use development

Chesterfield County, MD — The Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is working with the Board of Supervisors to purchase a property on the northwest corner of Midlothian Tpke. near Chippenham Pkwy. for a vibrant, new mixed-use development featuring high-quality residential, office, commercial and entertainment venues.

The project will revitalize the area between Stonebridge and the Boulders office park and residential complexes to the west.

At the center of the development will be an open, green plaza/gathering space that will be an ideal location for concerts, farmers market, festivals and public events. The 42-acre site will include abundant green space, walkability and connectivity.

“Chesterfield residents are seeking new options to live, work, shop and play in a central location. This proposal gives the county another quality mixed-use development at the eastern gateway to the county, that will serve as a destination for residents and visitors,” said Board of Supervisors representative Leslie Haley. “The project will create a strong sense of community, integrate attractive greenspaces, and celebrate the area’s unique history, while creating jobs and generating significant tax revenue for the county. The project will also add connectivity to the Boulders,” Haley said.

It’s anticipated that the Board of Supervisors will approve a request to schedule a public hearing August 25th at their regularly scheduled board meeting today to consider funding the $16 million purchase. In addition to the public hearing, there will be other opportunities for public comment as the property goes through the zoning process in the coming months.

The EDA has hired the internationally recognized Cooper Carry architectural firm to assist with design of the site. Cooper Carry has extensive expertise working on projects of this type, and will incorporate best practices from other highly successful projects in their plans.

“Cooper Carry has worked on projects around the world and we immediately recognized the potential for this site,” said Cooper Carry representative Abbey Oklak. “People want fun, activity- oriented destinations, and this has the potential to be a central gathering place for the county.”


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