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CREW NJ welcomes its 2021 Board of Directors

Montclair, NJ — With 2020 in the rearview mirror, CREW NJ is excited for the new year and hosted a virtual event to introduce members to the incredible board selected for 2021.

Board members, who each serve a two-year term, include: Ivette Alvarado and Cecilia Lassiter of Sills Cummis & Gross, Jackie Giordano of Dynamic Engineering Consultants, Erica Godun of Ware Malcomb, Courtney Rosenkrantz and Therese O’Brian of Newmark Associates, Amy Cooke of Wells Fargo Private Bank, Nicki Louloudis of Bowman Consulting Group, Dawn Johnson of Johnson Controls, Krista Korinis of Global Installation Resources, Carolynn Vineis of North Star Signs, Laura Riso of WithumSmith+Brown, Susan Korath of Keller Williams Commercial, and Elisa Buckley of Walsh Environmental Solutions. During the event, each board member spoke about their experiences in the marketplace and their committee’s plans for the year ahead.

Director of Programs, Jackie Giordano, commented that CREW NJ will continue to host several virtual events and that moving forward, CREW NJ will use a hybrid model for events. She’s hopeful that in-person events will resume this summer. “Our programs committee is heavily involved in thinking through creative, virtual ways to connect members with one another during these times,” she said. “Even when we are able to meet in person, I think there will continue to be a virtual component with CREW NJ programming to keep things more accessible to all members.”


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